Screenshot for Symbian OS

July 18th, 2006

Last year I was using a Sony P900i before I lost it and then purchased a Nokia N90. One of the nice things about using a P900 is the amount of applications that were being developed for it ranging from financial software, travel and enhanced integration of office functions. What I did find was a small from Antony Pranata that took screenshots while surfing the mobile web. Nice app and it gave me a chance to see some of our sites how they looked on a mobile application.  The screenshots I took gave us a starting point to analyzing a site and creating the first basis of a plan.I decided to download  Screenshot for Symbian OS 2.00 from Antony’s site and install it on the Nokia N90. The installation  from my PC to mobile phone via Bluetooth was easy and I soon had the control panel open and configuring the  application. I went online via the Opera mobile browser and  wanted to take a screenshot of a project we are working on.  This is where it all went wrong. Try bringing up the keys on a N90! It’s difficult enough as it is to navigate quickly around the phone, but finding the edit button  which is what is needed and followed by the ‘OK’ button is a fast task. I had to give up as I could not for the damned of me work this out. I tried everything and went through all buttons and combinations. Reinstalled and still  nothing.  This I find is a major problem with the N90 it’s not user-friendly at all and navigation in a hurry is a touchy subject with the Nokia.

It may be that Antony could keep this in mind for the latest Beta version of Screenshot for Symbian. If more options for configuring buttons were added it would work better on the N90. I am looking forward to the next generation of what Nokia has to offer in the way of multi-function phones and hoping they keep in mind ‘ease-of-use’ for mobile web users.


  1. Vince, I am so sorry to hear about your experience using my application.

    I haven’t used Opera yet, but usually I do the following trick to capture an application that blocks key:

    – Select Options | Settings
    – Set the “Delay of first shot” to something like 10 seconds or 30 seconds.
    – Press +.
    – Then go to your application, like Opera, and wait for a couple of seconds.
    – The screenshot should be captured.

    I have seen there are a few applications that block Screenshot to capture their screens, but it is very rarely.

  2. Thank you for the reply Anthony, unfortunately the Nokia N90 appears to ahve a problem with this. I tweaked the settings as you suggested and went to Opera and carried out the instructions with no luck.

    I think a solution would be to give a better option for using one shot keys. As it stands the N90 is thumbly and won’t let you set on-the-fly it is unfortunate.

  3. An update it transpires my Nokia N90 needed a slight reconfiguration and reboot and screenshot is working well now.

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