Switching Phones HTC Touch or ?

It’s that time again where I am getting restless and wanting a change of mobile phone. Once again I find myself trawling through the phone reviews on the various mobile phone review sites. I’m finding myself torn between giving up some of the functions of the Blackberry Pearl and moving to a different brand. I went downtown Bournemouth today and ahd a look at some fo the newer phones that Blackberry had to offer. I can’t I was that impressed, anything of interest such as the Curve or the 8800 series, I didn’t like the wideness of them. Why couldn’t Blackberry have upgraded the Pearl, made it a little deeper and enhanced its functions. Will I wait for the much hyped iPhone, I doubt it, I am curious but not that curious. It seems all play and no business from what I have I heard, and then the debate over which network in the UK will it partner with!

I am being swayed by the HTC Touch, not only is it a stylish looking phone, it has a neat array of functions for business use. I had the Hermes before which I didn’t really enjoy, but this one seems a bit more compact. It is minus 3G though and that is a downside. Most reviews I have found on the HTC Touch have been fairly positive. I have thrown out of the equation the Nokia N95 after reading MobilePhones UK that it’s sluggish even though it has some great features such as that 5 megapix camera. I’m not hip enough to carry a LG Prada and think that touch screen only feature would soon get annoying. So what’s left besides the HTC Touch?