Skype Launches iPhone App

Several million Apple iPhone and iPad users downloaded the Skype VoIP application that was launched on Sunday 27th June 2010.

Skype which is a privately held company has for several years been gaining ground with its Skype application that allows instant messaging, file transfer, voice calling to landlines and Skype online logomobile networks, and video to video calls. It has become the ‘VoIP app of choice’ for businesses and consumers alike.  Skype has always been free for PC to PC use, and offers a premium service for texting and calling landlines and mobile phones.

Skype and iPhone Speculation

For the last two years there has been much speculation and forum request for Skype to build and application that will allow users of the iPhone to use Skype, and on Sunday the company released a version of Skype for iPhone that did not have to rely on Wi-Fi – which up to this point was the only way iPhone users could operate Skype – and now works and operates on 3G.

Skype Charges for Services

Skype will start from next year charging to use its service on iPhone which has angered users who complain that it should remain free of charge.

How Skype will levy the charges remains to be seen and may set up special deals with mobile carriers and networks, or possibly for use of the application after so many hours of free time. The company has not yet revealed its pricing plans. For Skype to work and be viable in a paid-for-service it will have to keep in mind that users can easily switch to other instant messaging such as GoogleTalk.

As an addendum to this post Skype will be offering its premium service through via its subscription or Pay as you go credit service.