Samsung Galaxy S2 Tutorials

During my last upgrade from O2, I was given a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I must add here that I was pretty excited about its arrival since this is the smartphone that outsold the Apple iPhone, thus I knew it had to be something special.  I upgraded from the Apple iPhone 4 to the Galaxy on a much lower tariff too. It wasn’t that I wanted to give up my iPhone, I had planned to keep it but it was time to try

Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone

something different.  I already own a Motorola Xoom with Android operating system and have been happy with its performance so I guessed that having the Galaxy S2 which would integrate much better with my Xoom seemed more appealing, especially considering it pretty much does what the iPhone can do! I wasn’t wrong in my estimation and will give a more in-depth review at a later date.

Using the Functions on the Samsung Galaxy S2

I have to admit I have never had a phone where I have used all the features.   Before I had the iPhone and except for a brief flirtation with a HTC Hermes, a couple of Nokia’s, and a Sony, my phone of choice has always been one of the models from Blackberry, mainly for its reliability and more recently for its functionality.   However, on every phone I have owned I have never utilised all of its functions, only those that are most appropriate for my specific task at that moment.  Even when there was a feature I wanted, I didn’t really bother to look to find it. My mode of thinking here was that if I couldn’t access it quickly then I wouldn’t look for it.

So, now armed with my new Galaxy S2 I am determined to research and learn how to use all of the phones’ features and functions, not because I have a use for each of them but mainly out of curiosity… and you never know, this time around I might just find something extra special that really is a useful and time-saving tool to use in my day-to-day life.

Over a period of time I will add tutorials on how to use the Galaxy S2 and I will add links to the tutorials here.

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