O2 HTC Hermes Configuration for 3G

I am still playing around with the HTC TyTN Hermes and not enjoying it at all. I have decided to sell it and look around for something different, in mind I have either a Blackberry or another one of the more reliable ‘whizzy’ smartphones.
I’m not asking for the earth in smartphone technology but need for the phone I choose to have the following functions:
1. 3G
2. Wi-Fi
3. Web
4. Networking
5. Office applications including calendar
6. Video to Video (not highly essential but it does aid some work
7. Clear imaging camera
8. Touch screen
9. Configurable interface
10. Smart keyboard that is easily interchangeable

The Hermes was supposed to address this and in theory does and that is where it ends, in theory. None of the technology is reliable though on the 3G front I put that down to O2 and it’s 3G coverage in Bournemouth, can’t get video to video and if you don’t know the settings then forget it about it.

Two weeks I took a train to London to see a client and wanted to access the web while on the train, I could not get the connection and looking around me I noticed others were accessing the mobile web with ease. I called O2 who told me they do not support the HTC TyTN model, I was not impressed and they would were no help at all. I took wild guesses to configure the phone but to no avail. I decided to call O2 back and asked them to give me the configurations for the XDA mini in the belief that both the XDA and the HTC TRyTN are built on the same platform and technology. They gave me the configs and with a few minor tweaks I got it working.
The following O2 settings work for GPRS WAP with the HTC TyTN PDA / Smartphone. I have also included below settings for O2 MMS
1. Tap Start
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap the Connections tab
4. Tap the Connections icon
5. Under ‘My Work Network’ tap ‘Manage existing connections’
6. If a connection already exists then tap ‘Edit’. If no connections are present tap ‘New’
7. In the ‘Enter a name for the connection’ field enter ‘GPRS WAP’
8. The ‘Select a modem:’ drop-down box should be set to ‘Cellular Line (GPRS)’
9. Tap ‘Next’
10. In the ‘Access Point Name’ field enter ‘wap.o2.co.uk’
11. Tap ‘Next’
12. In the ‘Username’ field enter ‘o2wap’
13. In the ‘Password’ field enter ‘password’
14. Leave the Domain field blank
15. Tap ‘Advanced’
16. In the ‘TCP/IP’ tab ensure ‘Use server-assigned IP address’ is selected
17. Tap the ‘Servers’ tab
18. Ensure the ‘Use server-assigned address is selected
19. Tap ‘OK’ in the top right corner
20. Tap ‘Finish’
21. Tap ‘Proxy Settings’ tab
22. Ensure that ‘This network connects to the Internet’ box is ticked
23. Ensure that ‘This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet’ box is ticked
24. Tap ‘Advanced’
25. Tap the ‘WAP’ option
26. In the ‘Server’ field enter ‘’
27. In the ‘Port’ field enter ‘9201’
28. Tap ‘OK’ four times to exit

The following is the settings for O2 MMS on the HTC or XDA type phones:

1. Select ‘Start’
2. Select ‘Messaging’
3. Select ‘Menu’
4. Select ‘MMS Configuration’
5. Select ‘Servers’
6. Select ‘New’
7. Type in Server name or ‘O2 MMS’
8. Select ‘Gateway’ and type in ‘’
9. Select ‘Port number’ and type in ‘9201’
10. Select ‘Server address’ and enter ‘http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002’
11. Select ‘Connect via’ and select ‘My Work Network”
12. Click ‘OK’
13. Highlight ‘O2 MMS’ and click on ‘Set As Default’

The above should get users working with PDA’s.

I have to admit that WiFi access drops off continously on the phone and becomes highly annoying. Furtehr to this thought eh keyboard is quite good the touchscreen capabilities are not. It is hard to close down any windows via touchscreen as getting your finger into the corner for the shutdown ‘x’ of a window is near enough impossible.

Surfing the Mobile Web with Windows 2005

Unlike Internet Explorer on the World Wide Web, the version of IE onthe mobile web does nto work compeltely the same way. Internet Explorer on the wired web will generally make a guess at a websites build and try and render it correctly. I have never been a great fan of IE but from a commercial point of view have always developed on it as most people use it, though we do develop websites as well for our favourite browsers Opera and Firefox. Coming back to IE for Windows Mobile I am finding that Internet Explorere is not makign that intelligent ‘best guess’ anymore and rendering all sites not built to it’s requirement useless. Is it the browser or the resolution of the HTC phone in landscape mode that is doing this? I don’t really know. I decided to download the latest copy of the Opera browser for mobile >> and the sites rendered correctly, what does that tell you!

My change of Smartphone is coming in December or January and I will certainly be looking around for a better solution.

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  1. What about a change to symbian ? Ok, no touchscreen but very stable and very nice bultin-browser

  2. Hi Niek

    I am inclined to agree with you and I am looking around at various Symbian devices. I am not overtly impressed with the current stock from Nokia but I hear they do have some good things ‘eventually arriving in this country.

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