Why is the N9 the Best Nokia Phone in Recent Years?

The N9 offers Nokia’s new MeeGo operating system. This is an excellent interface and far better than the previous Symbian that has graced Nokia phones and seen the company’s semi demise in recent years.

MeeGo is intuitive, colourful and nice to use. This is all helped due to the fact the new Nokia N9 is quick and responsive. This is the first device from Nokia in recent years that doesn’t seem horribly underpowered as it has a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM as well as a graphics chip to help proceedings. Even the N8 was let down by being a tad slow, and this was nothing compared to some other phones the company has made in recent years.

The MeeGo powered phone doesn’t have as wonderful a camera as the N8 had but it does have an 8 megapixel camera that is more than capable thanks to the Carl Zeiss lens and the dual flash. It is also centre mounted and this gives it a more compact like feel than any other phone Nokia, and many other manufacturers, have made in recent years. nokia-n9

The phone also comes with a large amount of internal memory, a choice of either 16GB or 64GB versions – more than enough for your media needs. Although there is no SD card slot included, the 64GB version of the N9 provides the maximum amount of storage that you can currently find on a smartphone and is only equalled in this respect by some versions of the Galaxy SII and (purportedly) the as yet unreleased iPhone 5.

The polycarbonate body is not as beautiful as some of the previous Nokia’s, though it comes in a selection of great colours that will brighten up the darkest day. It is also a very durable plastic and offers a stronger casing than most plastic phones as well as feeling of quality. Its soft backing makes it feel as nice as anything prior to it in the hand.

The phones MeeGo applications as well as the Nokia Maps are nice and offer no problem due to the fast processor. The phone comes with a nice 3.9inch display as well as 360 speakers which sound good without headphones. The screen is close to the glass and this has an impressive effect. The only big qualm is that it can be a little slow for browsing.

The phone itself is the best effort by Nokia as it has no major downfalls and it all combines to work well together. The OS is good, as is the amount of processing power. The screen is responsive and clear and it comes with a great camera. This means that Nokia has found a combination that is a winner – let’s hope it can keep this pace up and turn the Windows foray into a success.

With Nokia’s deal with Microsoft firmly cemented there is a chance that this will be the only MeeGo phone released by Nokia, which would be a real shame as it is a great operating system. Although lack of continued support may put some people off, MeeGo’s compatibility with some Android features, such as Android apps, could make the Nokia N9 a highly appealing phone.