Mobile Web Gadgets

Newsweek published a story titled: Gadgets: The Mobile Web which briefly covered the launch of the upcoming domain .mobi.

…high-tech firms are trying to promote a standardized domain name for mobile devicessimilar to dot-com for Web sites that would give users a reliable way of receiving and displaying data on their mobile devices. In June, Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Vodafone and other firms announced dot-mobi a domain-name suffix for mobile users—that is supposed to create a standardized, recognizable way for companies to launch mobile-friendly sites to mirror their existing sites.

Newsweek goes on to mention that ‘the most useful thing about dot-mobi it will allow people to guess website names such as the more recognizable branded sites.

Yes, agreed that people using a mobile device to surf the web will find sites easier via name, it also allows for businesses that have websites to create mobile ready versions. This will hold especially true for larger portals that can’t possibly have their sites surfed via mobile device. It will give a chance for mobile ready versions to be developed with condensed information and easier navigation to their services.