Mobile Hype Hitting Wall in 2007?

This time last year a strong buzz was growing about the Mobile Web and where it was headed. The buzz picked up momentum with the release of the W3C’s mobile web guidelines. For some this was it mobile web was going to be the mainstay and ‘happen right now’ Google, Yahoo, Opera and Microsoft all seemed to be vying for their own piece of Mobile Web real estate and Nokia made some grand promises with offering of newer mobile phones that supposedly worked seamlessly with the web. Networks were buzzing with programs from T-Mobile, O2 iMode offering and a few others. Web development companies started offering mobile SEO services and mobile web builds.

So what has happened? Is this the quiet before the storm or have we all fizzled out and the hype has a hit a brick wall! The mobile web buzz has not completely died but it is not as prevalent as it was a year ago. Come to think of it there doesn’t seem to be a major buzz about anything in particular relating to web technologies. Have we all suddenly found it was going too fast for us and decided to duck for cover and get on with our current projects? It certainly does seem a bit eerie.

I visited with a couple of mobile phone retailers to day to see what is new and happening on the retail front. Absolutely nothing in the UK, traditional retailers like Tesco and Carphone Warehouse are not getting the new phones in and give very little attention to smartphones, the fear of selling technology to the uninitiated worries a lot of these retailers. Because of this worry they will not spend on bringing in some of the newer and better phones to the market in the UK.