Content Considerations for Mobile Web Sites

Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 – 5.3.1

The Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) states that:

Users in a mobile context are often looking for specific pieces of information, rather than browsing. Content providers should consider the likely context of use of information and, while providing the option to access all information, should offer appropriate information first.

A user traversing the mobile web will be generally looking for immediate information rather than casually browsing. It is important to display a sites most important content first. The content for mobile web sites should be short, well written and tell a user immediately about the sites services or information.

For example if the sites main service is mapping then it must provide this information in the websites opening statements.

Brief well written description describing the sites mains services with ‘call-to-action’
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The above is a brief example of setting up content for mobile users. One has to remember that a visitor using a wireless device to browse the mobile web will be looking for specific information ‘on-the-fly and will want to know immediately what service a site offers and how to get there fast. I mentioned this a year ago in a short article discussing search engine optimisation for the mobile web, how content more than ever will be king and must be brief – telling the user just enough to know where they are and how to find the information they seek quickly.

Currently, there is a financial concern for users of the mobile web, each minute cost a user via the network they use. Users also seek important information and do not want to be stalled in their search by long drawn out text or dialogues.


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