iPhone 5’s unlikely rumours

There are number of rumours about the iPhone 5 and having looked through them we have compiled a list of the highly unlikely turns for Apple to take with iPhone 5.


Slide-out QWERTY

The trend for phones to come with slide out QWERTY keyboards is growing by the day and it is been thrown about that the phone will come with the option of this. This is unlikely however, Apple will be unlikely to bother with such a extra.


Another ever growing trend is the 3D phone with both LG and HTC having thrown out models recently. The idea Apple would engage in this area is unlikely, especially as it seems highly unlikely that the iOS 5 operating system can support 3D. It may also be seen as a bit gimmicky yet and something Apple just won’t want to buy into for the sake of quirkiness.

Carbon Fibre back

While rumours of a new back are very common, it is likely to be a reversion to aluminium from the iPhone 4’s glass back. A carbon fibre back would be a very cool and strong addition but it is highly unlikely that Steve Jobs et al will be using the extra strong material on the iPhone 5.

Large Screen

Though there is a chance the iPhone 5 will have an increased size screen, the chances that it will jump from 3.5in to a larger 4in screen are not likely. This would create huge issues for Apple to try and maintain its retina screen. A rise in screen size would probably push it below the 300 plus pixel per square inch mark. Though Toshiba have recently released a screen that has these capabilities and Apple is rumoured to be working with Toshiba, it is still highly unlikely.

Touch Charging

The new charging system that allows you to replenish your battery without the need for wires seems like an admirable concept, however it doesn’t seem likely. Just as with 3D it can be a bit of a hit and miss and as well it may be hard to pull off and create issues. Apple won’t want any reliability problems, especially after the antenna problems that plagued the previous iPhone 4’s release.

It is still unclear what exactly the next iPhone will include, with some people suggesting that changes will only be slight and the biggest differences will be with the new iOS 5. Some of the above rumours are perhaps just wishful thinking from Apple fans who would like to see these features although others, like the larger screen, may just become an eventuality. Whatever the case, the next iPhone is sure to be as popular as all previous handsets released by Apple and is likely to sell well regardless of what is on board.

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