iPhone 4th Generation UK Release Date

I have a strong feeling this will be a post I will be updating often as dates and times change for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4th Generation.

As of recent I have been considering more a move to the iPhone. With four months left on my current contract with O2 and using a Blackberry Bold I am now tempted to move to the iPhone. I have a few reasons for this shift. One of them being that I have been a long term use of the Blackberry and feel a bit of change will be good. Another reason I have noticed my Blackberry Messenger list has shrunk not only from friends and colleagues but also clients who appear to be moving over to the iPhone. Another reason is I’m getting bored with the Blackberry and wanting something a little more interactive and with better camera facilities.  I did however try the Thunder and was far from impressed and within 12 days I had sold it.

Earlier this week I called O2 as I was experiencing some problems with the Blackberry email push system and O2 explained a server upgrade was in process. I got to speak with the Blackberry O2 technical department who told me that my contract was up at the end of September.  I asked O2 about the iPhone and was given some advice not to buy out of my contract now (which I was considering) and wait as the new release of the iPhone 4G is due for release in July 2010 so they had been told. Originally it was planned for between April and May 2010.

I will wait until then and if it does release at that time I may go the distance and get myself  a iPhone 4th Generation device.

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