How to Install a MicroSD Memory Card in the Samsung S2

The Samsung S2 comes with built-in memory and a slot for an external MicroSD memory card.  If you take lots of photographs and videos, or install loads of Android apps, then at some point you are going to need to consider installing a SD card.

To access the memory card slot on the Samsung Galaxy SII you have to take off the back cover and remove the battery. Unfortunately the Galaxy S2 is not hot swappable – meaning that you can’t remove the memory without shutting down the device.

Which MicroSD card Should I use for the Samsung Galaxy S2?

It’s always best to be prepared and do your research before purchasing memory storage.  Memory cards come in different shapes, sizes and prices and the Web is full of stories of an incorrect memory install memorycard being inserted into a particular model of smartphone thereby invalidating the warranty of a phone. And, there are cards that claim to be compatible with your device but simply are not!

When it comes to buying memory cards online I generally stick with the known, trusted and tried brands.  The MicroSD card for a Samsung Galaxy S2 comes in sizes ranging from 4GB to 32GB.  I currently have a 16GB MicroSD which has ample memory for my requirements.

Instructions for Changing the Memory

Remove the back cover of the phone and you’ll find the memory slot on the Galaxy S2 is located beneath the battery which you’ll also need to remove.  To install the memory card, slide the MicroSD card into the slot and push gently, you will feel the click more than you’ll hear it!  Replace the battery and cover then switch on the phone.

When the phone first boots up with the new memory card it will mount it on your device. To see the mount and settings go to:  Settings / Storage, and you will see the card mounted there and available space.

To replace a MicroSD memory card, first of all unmount the existing memory card, and then follow the instructions above.