HTC TyTN PDA / Smartphone

Getting up more and more fed up with my Nokia N90 I started doing the research on some of the new phones on the market that could give me everything I wanted in one package,. My requirements included Wi-Fi LAN, 3G, ease of mobile web use, and seamless interaction with my desktop system. I found one phone the HTC TyTN otherwise in some circles named the Hermes. So far this phone looks like a winner and is a definite improvement on the XDA Mini.

The next on the list was to call O2 (UK) and enquire when they are getting it, (O2 Germany already has it) unfortunately O2 knew nothing about it and try to palm me off with the O2 XDA IQ which really had no appeal for me. I was not too happy about this and I am dissappointed that O2 are taking the initiative to bring in the new more mobile web compliant phones. The alternative left for me is to either wait a couple of months to the O2 contract is up and switch to another provider, or buy a phone from scratch. I have not yet made up my mind.
Here is the spec of the HTC TyTN smartphone / PDA or HTC Hermes:


  • High speed internet with worldwide 3G.
  • Full connectivity with Tri-Band UMTS,
  • Quad-Band EDGE, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi.
  • Instant access to email.
  • Sliding keyboard for easy typing.
  • Secondary camera for video telephony.

Key Features

  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0
  • Direct Push Email
  • WCDMA, HSDPA enabled, EDGE, GPRS
  • 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM
  • Large 2.8 inch Touch Screen LCD display
  • Jog Wheel for easy one-hand operation
  • 2 mega-pixel camera
  • Micro SD
  • HTC ExtUSB
  • 112.5mm (L) x 58mm (W) x 21.95mm (T)

The spec sounds impressive and I have been calling around various mobile phone providers and stores to see if I can come in and have a look at one, so far I cannot find a store that stocks it.


  1. I also did the same thing, basically if you put a o2 sim in this phone- will there be some difficulties within some of the services from the phone

    Also, what prices have you seen for the phone?

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