Enhanced Google Mail for Plugin for Blackberry O2 Set-Up

RIM the parent company of the Blackberry Smartphone has released a plug-in for GMAIL users. The plug-in enhances the Google Mail experience on the phone with features such as Report Spam, Archive, Add Star, Labels and Filter.

The instructions when browsing to the site via mobile phone ask that you delete the current GMAIL of your phone and reinstall GMAIL and gives instructions using the standard Blackberry steps to uninstall Google Mail from your phone. However, the instructions for setting up Gmail on a Blackberry for O2 users is far easier.

  1. Simply login into your O2 Blackberry Internet Service account manager at http://o2email.co.uk from your mobile or desktop PC.
  2. Locate your Googlemail address in the list of email accounts you have in the Blackberry Internet Service.
  3. Delete the Gmail account.
  4. Check your phone to ensure it is uninstalled.
  5. Go back to the O2 BIS and re-add your Googlemail account.

It is as simple as that and will now appear on your Blackberry list of email applications. You will get an Activation Server message requesting that you download the Enhanced Google Plug-in for Blackberry Smartphones. Follow the instructions and it will take you to the download location at http://blackberry.com/googlemail and install from there.

One glitch I noticed and using from my Blackberry 9000 Bold, was that once the plug-in is installed it took me back to a screen asking if I wanted to download it and install. Exit the screen as it is already installed.