dotMobi Sunrise Registration Extended

On 10 July, 2006 the mobile-specific TLD (Top Level Domain) sunrise registration period was extended to September 22, one month later that originally planned. This affords trademark owning companies greater time to ensure their names are registered under the new TLD before the general public has the opportunity to register sites on September 26.

The idea behind the trademark sunrise initiative is to provide businesses with a summer buffer period to register their .mobi domain names (though not necesserily develop a mobile web presence) before general release and offers an opportunity for conflict resolution over contested trademarks (and inhibits potential abuse from cybersquatters keen to exploit the new TLD).

However, there are both constraints and safeguards in place which means many sunrise-registered domain may not go live until the end of 2006.

DotMobil names registered during this period will be locked immediately upon registration and remain so until year end. Registrants not providing immediate name server details must then wait until expiry of the locking period. And it makes one wonder just how many companies will forget to do so…