Mobile Content Editing: Could This Be the One?

Quick flick through Technorati for some ‘lazy sunday’ catch-up and found this small review with Dan Appelquist waxing enthusiastic about the Blackberry 8700 and mobile web content creation.

So, the million-dollar question in this migration to WordPress has been: will this enable me full mobile-Web-base administration and content creation? Well – here I am, using the native browser on the Blackberry 8700 and I’m happy to report the answer is “yes.”

Is the Blackberry 8700 the elusive phone I have been looking for that will give me the functionality that I crave so much to seamlessly browse the mobile web and edit content? As mentioned in another post my time to upgrade is here and if O2 get their collective thumbs out of their proverbial behinds and get a new and more modern collection of phones into their business package and I may be just lucky…

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  1. As a stop note to this posting, I have since decided to give the Blackberry Pearl a test drive for a couple of weeks and am waiting for it to arrive from O2.
    One of the reasons I decided on the Pearl is it’s sleeker design for easy transportation rather than the more bulkier version of Blackberry.

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