How to Enable Bluetooth on the Samsung Galaxy S2

Bluetooth-IconOne of the first areas I wanted to know was how do I enable Bluetooth on the Samsung Galaxy S2?  I wanted to pair the Galaxy S2 with the Kenwood DNX 5280BT car navigation kit – and setting up Bluetooth was quite simple.

Instructions for Pairing a Samsung Galaxy SII with a device that runs Bluetooth: Bluetooth Pairing Galaxy

  1. Turn on Bluetooth in your device and make it discoverable.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your Galaxy SII by going to: Settings / Wireless and network / Bluetooth Settings. Click and check the box next to Bluetooth. It is active when the box s highlighted by a green tick (check).
  3. Once Bluetooth is activated on the Galaxy it will scan and discover other Bluetooth devices in its area range.
  4. When you see the device that you want the Samsung Galaxy to connect with, you click it and wait a few moments and then enter the password (PIN) on your device. The default Bluetooth PIN on most devices is 00000, usually 4 or 5 ‘0’s’ sometimes it is the numbers 1234.

The Galaxy and your SATNAV should now be connected. If you are using the DNX5280bt navigation then you can pick up your address book and other functionality via the Kenwood navigation unit and sue it hands-free.

Bluetooth can also be accessed quickly for turning on and off via the Home menu screen. Just pull down the Notification panel and you will see the Bluetooth icon click it for turning Bluetooth on and off.