Blackberry Messenger Contacts

I see it often on Blackberry forums with users red in the face with frustration from trying add a contact to their Blackberry Messenger only for it not to appear in their list or spend days in the pending area of their contact list. Generally this is due to human error and one user requesting by PIN and the other user requesting via email or giving wrong PIN information.

As most users know the Blackberry Messenger is one of its most popular features is not just the good email management system but also the Blackberry messenger (BBM), and if you get a good tariff from your network provider then sending images and other data is fairly painless.

Adding a Contact to Blackberry Messenger

Adding Contacts to the Blackberry Messenger is easy whether you are using the Blackberry Bold or another model it all works pretty much the same way by clicking add contact from the messenger menu you will then get a box that request Type PIN/Email address or Name here…>

When you type a name, email address or PIN it will automatically pick it up from your address book. If the contact is not listed in your Blackberry address book click menu and request by email or request by PIN. An email will be sent to the recipient and the address will appear in pending contacts until they accept or decline the invitation.

Accepting and Declining a Blackberry Messenger Invitation

Once you receive a Blackberry messenger invitation it is easy to either accept or decline. By clicking on the menu button offers you these simple options. It also provides the user the option to remove and delete a Blackberry contact.

How to View a Blackberry Contact’s Information

By highlighting the person’s name on the contact list then clicking the menu button you can view the contact’s details by clicking Contact Info it will generally give you the following:


Likewise renaming a contact is simple by clicking the menu button and then rename contact. Most of what you do with messenger can be performed from the Blackberry context menu such as adding groups and moving one contact from one group to another.

Copying Text

To copy and paste text in the Blackberry Messenger you position the cursor at the beginning or end of the text and click menu then click ‘Select’  scroll across the text you want to copy until it is highlighted.  Go to area where you want to paste the text, call up menu click paste and it’s done.  Careful here as the copied text tends to stay on the clipboard – if you are a person who does high speed messaging without looking at what your writing then it is easy to accidently paste your clipboard text into a conversation that it was not intended for.

Blackberry Messages Appearing Arriving Late

I have noticed at times when fast messaging back and forth the content is not always delivered in a timely manner to the recipient.  Recently I was fast typing with my partner who lives two thousand miles away in the States one of the messages I sent was not delivered a timer came up then the icon to state it was in fact delivered then changed to the icon to state it was read, I carried on with the conversation.  The next day in a conversation with her via the Blackberry Messenger the lost text suddenly appeared at her end and I couldn’t see it at my end. She exclaimed with some consternation “what the damn are you talking about”  is this some joke to drop in a non sequitur, we found this is happening more and more old messages appearing days later in Blackberry, not sure if it is the networks, we are using O2 for the UK and Verizon for the USA.  Speaking with friends they have experienced similar occurrences.  It can be quite embarrassing at times.

Blackberry Status Symbols

By clicking the menu on the contacts screen you can set your own status notification to your contacts, the following menu appears:

Unfortunately most of the options don’t carry understandable icons so other users tend to ignore it. The one that does carry any weight is selecting Unavailable and a small red circle displays next your name. Other contacts will see the same circle they will also see on their contacts screen a list that tells them which of their contacts are unavailable to chat.  A small red circle with an ‘X’ in the middle generally tells you that the contact is on a call.

The status settings can also be customized to leave a message that will appear next your name.

Blackberry still has a way to go with their messenger and they have not really done any major improvements to it for a while, while the model of phone gets better and Blackberry competes for its market share of the social network phenomenon it is paying scant attention to improvements of its messenger facility. You can now receive Facebook updates via the Blackberry for Facebook Application.

RIM (Research In Motion) the makers of Blackberry may want to think of upgrading or enhancing their messenger application, one of the ways would be develop the next generation in colour, add the facility to desktop as part of the Blackberry Desktop Manager.  One of the more requested features is a way to control Blackberry from your desktop; the facility to control your PC from Blackberry is already widely used but not in reverse.

Still we are hopeful that RIM will enhance its current models such as Bold 9000 and the Blackberry Storm and implement these features in future upgrades.