BlackBerry To Release the Bold 9900

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 deals a marriage of old and new which will hopefully see it termed a winner for under the weather RIM. The Canadian company has really suffered in recent years due to the ever increasing power of both Apple and Google.Blackberry Bold 9900

BlackBerry mobiles were the corporate device of choice until recently but a mix of poorly executed phones, old technology and a lack of spec has seen the company suffer in the last few years. BlackBerry will hope the 9900 can bring them back to the fore of the phone market. So, how do BlackBerry hope to achieve this with the Bold 9900?

The Bold has a very BlackBerry like chassis, though it is slimmer and looks sleeker than all the rest. It is the thinnest BlackBerry ever and comes equipped with a 1.2GHz processor and a fairly large 768MB of RAM. This all has the effect of making the Bold 9900 a quite smooth device.

The other great leap for BlackBerry comes in the shape and the quality of the screen. The new capacitive screen is teamed up with the original QWERTY keyboard but there is no scrimping in quality and the device is fantastic.

The display is 0.2inches larger than the previous 9300 released 3 years ago at 2.8inches, it is also higher in resolution than anything BlackBerry have created before with a 640×480 display that nearly pushes 290 pixels per inch squared. The phone offers a nice browsing experience and is decent for watching footage on, albeit a little small for sustained viewing.

It also feels like the most solid device BlackBerry has come up with for a while and is a leap away from the faux leather of previous phones – thankfully.

The phone also offers new technology such as NFC and also has BlackBerry’s new OS7, which to be honest is a big leap forward for BlackBerry and introduces many new excellent features such as Liquid Graphics.

The device also packs 8GB of memory and can be expanded to 32GB if needed and so can facilitate a lot of your media needs. It also has a much improved 5mp camera which is excellent for your shoot from the hip needs. It however has no frontal camera so video calling will be a no-no.

Expect the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 to be released around the middle of August, probably the 16th or so.