Blackberry Bold A Worthy Competitor?

Blackberry Bold 9900 Apparently it’s going to be a hot summer here as far as the latest smartphones go. I have been putting off getting a new phone until July. Lots of exciting news circulating about RIM’s Blackberry 9000 (Bold) and it’s direct competition to the iPhone. The more I hear about this phone the more I am liking. I have not actually seen one yet but judging from the photos it looks to be the ‘dogs b****cks’ in style, and the reviews on its functionality have all been positive.

The Blackberry Bold has all the usual features such as push-deliver technology, multiple email account integration allowing the user to have up to ten personal and business mail accounts. Instant messenging with Blackberry Messenger, and support for Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, IBM Sametime, Lotus, and AOL.

Not to be outdone by it’s competitors who have been clamoring on-board the social networking bandwagon, Blackberry takes the 9000 Bold to the next level of of accessing personal social network sites like Facebook, and business /social network sites like myJournal, with messaging, and image uploading directly to your profile, or blog. Of course there is much more to this phone, and no doubt when it arrives in the UK, the hands-on reviews will start. Everywhere I have looked I have not seen any dates as of yet, but from what I hear it will be released during the latter part of the Summer. No doubt O2 (I’m hoping) will carry it here in the UK on their business tariffs.

It remains to be seen if the Blackberry will stand up to its competitors, with tis anouncement of updated features, style, and looks, it should be a worthy competitor if not better than the current smartphones on the market.

Other new phones set for release this year are the Nokia N96, next generation iPhone, and the HTC Diamond.

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  1. O2 Business claim the release date of the Blackberry Bold in the UK will not be until middle of September 2008.

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