Apple iPad – Video or Not?

So there I was all excited and riding the Apple publicity stream and heading for the big drum roll. The iPad finally had a UK release date for April and I was all ready to hit the piggy bank and fork out for one until…

As I always do when it comes to purchasing technology – I like many others get the feel of the buzz and excitement produced by the marketing hype – and let’s face it – Apple are masters at this. They release a product and sure enough everybody talks. Why, partly because they are an innovative company and have bought to the technology marketplace excellent products ranging from their Macbooks to the iPhone.  Now it is the turn of the iPad. There has been much talk online and throughout various blog about the Apple’s release of the iPad. YouTube, Twitter, and scores of other social networks have been waxing enthusiastic over this for some time now.

Like I said above I was ready for it – the idea of something of a pad that I could use on the road that was thin enough and small enough to carry around in my case was definitely appealing. Smart enough to put next to the bed and use it to quickly check emails and make calls created even more interest for me.
It wasn’t until a few days ago when I was updating my Skype premium account that I wandered idly if the iPad did indeed support Skype as it suddenly dawned on me I have not heard anything at all about the video capabilities. Was I in for a surprise…?

iPad Video and Skype

Sorry but the title above is misleading – there you have it folks there is no video camera in the iPad – I went to the Apple website to have a look at the iPad spec and searched in vain to find the camera specification. There wasn’t one. A quick search on Google and a few articles later realised there is no video.  I sat there with my morning coffee dumfounded. Here is a company that defied the all-mighty telephone networks and let Skype on its much vaunted iPhone. Surely, they can have it on their iPad. They didn’t include the one of the more important aspects that consumers would want on such a cool portable device a way of making video and IP calls.

In the ongoing hype and marketing buzz for iPad it appears a lot of people have just overlooked the fact there is no video camera – a  large oversight. Apple is too smart to have overlooked the inclusion of a video camera. I started thinking maybe they do intend to release a future version with one.

For me the buzz has ended in dissapointment and I won’t be forking out the UK price of £380 – £591 for the iPad (Wifi models).  There will be other contenders in this market to ride the personal pad popularity buzz. Already Hewlett Packard is gearing up for a release of the HP Slate. I am not sure if HP Slate features a video camera or not, but it would be wise to make up for Apple’s shortfall in this area and support Flash which incidentally Apple are not doing either. On another note Google is here to save the world and there is a talk about them releasing their own version.