Apple Anounce iPhone 4G Release

It was only a few days ago I was musing about the date of the iPhone 4G release in the UK was going to be.  So it came really as no surprise that Steve Jobs CEO at Apple announced the release today of the much awaited 4G in a keynote speech at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The iPhone 4G weighs in with a score of new features that include:

Front facing video camera for video conferencing

Improved battery life with up to 40% more talk time.

A 3.5″ touch screen (same as iPhone 3G) but with 326 Pixels approximately 4x more than the previous model.

I called O2 today to find to ask about an definitive UK release date and it was still the same reply that it will probably be July.  O2 mentioned that since the announcement today there had been a lot of calls regarding upgrades and contracts for people who have been waiting for this release.

I must admit looking on the Apple website at the images of the new iPhone 4G that it is very sexy looking and a lot slimmer than the iPhone 3G. I think my mind is pretty much made up now to get purchase one unless Blackberry come out of the woodwork with something outstanding.

As mentioned above that the iPhone 4G features a front facing video camera for video calling. This is exciting news and that alone is enough to get me to move from my Blackberry Bold. I can imagine using Skype on iPhone will be a lot more interactive because of it.  Other benefits of a front facing camera will include taking self-portraits without that ‘hand outstrecthed at a distance’ shot that has become all too familiar on Facebook profiles in the last few years.


It’s been a long complaint of iPhone users that you cannot multitask using the phone. This has caused frustration in a several areas. Talking to a friend today bout the new release of the iPhone his first question are they going to have multi-tasking? When I told him yes and his immediate reaction was “I’m upgrading for that alone”

Multitasking will allow a user to run third party applications without draining the battery.  It will also allow a user to switch between applications quickly and ‘remember where you left off’

Is this enough to make me give up my O2 BB contract for the last couple of months – I think it may be the case. If O2 can come down on their price for giving up another contract early then it would be worthwhile.


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  1. I still want an iphone 4 even the problem with the antena

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